Memorable Diving Destinations in Malaysia

Scuba dive master Che photographing turtle, Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia
Scuba dive master Che photographing turtle, Sipadan, Borneo, Malaysia

Nature has endowed us with all sorts of beauty and grace. It is our duty to explore and utilize them at the best. We are all familiar with water bodies but in order to explore the associated beauty and grace, diving is the best sports considered by many. Even many have opted diving as their careers as well.

Best Water Bodies of Malaysia
If you are a lover of diving and are in Malaysia, then cheer up! You are at the right place. It is a matter of pleasure to announce that the waters in Malaysia including:

  • Peninsula Malaysia
  • Sabah
  • Sarawak

Are known to be highly popular due to the presence of comprising the top diving sites! Located in the tropics, the city of Malaysia is assumed to be bestowed with constant warming temperature all along the year hence it making it a welcoming space for continuing diving. The clear blue water of the water bodies are known to include comfortable warm weather which is known to provide and sustain life of marine life in abundance.

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Encountered Beauty
In case you are having zeal to capture some of the exotic moments of underwater places, then why to lag behind? Go for safe diving with the experts to encounter the beauty which include:

  • Breathtaking coral reefs
  • Reef sharks
  • Sea turtles
  • Sea horses
  • Manta rays and many more.

The richness associated with the flora and fauna of the underwater bodies will be surpassing those found in the Pacific Islands. The diverse reef structure made of coral at the shallow depths is known to support more than five hundred species of the coral along with more than three thousand varieties of fishes.

Collection of Attractive Destinations
The magnificent reefs of the tropic which is known to amalgamate wide varieties of life-forms will be presenting the eyes with large collection of attractive destinations for you along with presenting the macro fauna along with large sized pelagic predators of the same region. These features are unique as they are hardly found to boast the world of this marvel.
Features Providing Wonder and Bewilderment
Some of the features providing a touch of wonder along with bewilderment to the divers include:
Whip gorgonians
Multicolored fan
Scorpion fish
Solitary giant turtle
Schools of jacks and barracudas
Additional Interesting Activities
Apart from wreck dives and drift dives there include other interesting activities to be enjoyed under water. Among all, some of the most popular diving sites all around Malaysia include:
Gently sloping reefs in Tioman Island
Perhentian Island
Redang Island
Apart from all these, there exist some impressive vertical walls dives rising directly from the darkest abyss include:
The Sipadan Island
The Layang-Layang Atoll
The Mabul Island

Spellbinding Places in Perlis


Perlis offers a complete touring package for tourists as compared to any other state in Malaysia. In Perlis, tourists can enjoy their stay in the natural habitat while visiting different places of interest. Tourists from all around the world always look for a complete package at a reasonable price whereas Perlis offers its visitors with wide range of attractions along with beaches, resorts, hotels, wildlife, natural habitat etc. It seems to be the best place for vacation goers where one can find peace along with an atmosphere of tranquility. Tourists visiting Perlis with their families can stay at some of the exotic places and shop some of the wide range of products at lowest price. Perlis is also known as a paradise for shoppers since all its products ranging from cosmetics, handicrafts, clothing etc can be bargained at a competitive price by the customers. If you are in Singapore, you can also take luxury bus from Singapore to Kuala Lumpur and then take another bus to Perlis.

Kuala Perlis is one of the prominent places in Perlis as it attracts tourists from all around the globe. It is major hub for ferries leaving for Langwaki & other exotic places in Malaysia. Kuala Perlis has developed from a small coastal town situated at the delta of Sungai Perlis to modernized shipping town hosting ferries from passenger boarding terminals. It is often referred as a fishing town near the coastal region. The reason behind increased tourism in Kuala Perlis is due to its prudent service of transportation along with facilities for accommodation & multiple finest dining restaurants.

These restaurants in Kuala Perlis offer some of the delicious cuisines such as Laksha which is a well admired recipe among the locals. These restaurants are known for their seafood along with their pleasant hospitable atmosphere. The Laksha has increased to multiple folds due to its delectable taste as it is prepared with rice noodles along with spicy fish gravy whose taste rejuvenates the mind & creates a sensation on the taste buds. Western tourists who are not accustomed to spices can request light nutritious ingredients. The staffs at the restaurants always comply with the customer’s request.

Some tourists prefer to stroll around lakes & relax by seeing the magnificent view. While, it is generally said that Tasik Melati is one of the perfect destination for vacation seekers or honeymoon goers as they can camp by the lake while enjoying food as per their choice. The unique features of Tasik Melati lake are its small islands which are scattered all around. The number of these scattered islands ranges up to 150 in number. Tourists can walk around the lake through elevated walkways. The recreational activities on the lake have always attracted tourists from all walks of life.

Tourists along with their families visiting Tasik Melati Lake can play with their kids by the dedicated park situated near the lake while elderly people can walk or stroll through the reflexology park which improves their blood circulation throughout the body. Most of the families prefer to eat, drink & enjoy with their friends by applauding such a fascinating view of the lake. Perlis offers one of the best packages for tourists as compared to other states.

Reaching Penang airport

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